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Anti-Static Solutions

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Sensemaster is an authorised distributor for Fraser Anti-Static Technologies. Static electricity affects most industries that process materials such as plastics, packaging, paper, printing, coating, optics, electronics and textiles.

Sensemaster can now provide high quality, cost-effective solutions to the problems that static electricity can cause. Static electricity can cause materials to stick to machinery or to each other, and also attract airborne dust and other contaminants to the product from up to 1m away. Static discharges can give an unpleasant shock to personnel, and can be potentially dangerous in the presence of combustible materials. Static electricity can also cause failure of electronic components and ‘fogging’ or ‘overspray’ in the printing industry.

Fraser NEOS

NEOS 12 is available in 2 versions: NEOS 12F is designed to be mounted within 100mm of the product. It is the most powerful short range static eliminator available. NEOS 12L is a medium range static eliminator for distances up to 600mm. For longer ranges see also NEOS 20 and NEOS 30.


NEOS 20 is a long range static eliminator for distances between 150mm and 800mm. For longer ranges see also NEOS 30.

NEOS 30 is a long range static eliminator for distances between 200mm and 1500mm. For shorter ranges see also NEOS 20.

Static Control Equipment:
Static eliminator bars, Ionised air blowers, Ionised air guns, Static meters, Ionised air knives, Anti-static brushes & tape, Anti-static tinsel & cord, Ex static eliminators & meters, Static generators.

Short Range Static Eliminators For neutralising webs and sheets at distances up to 150mm.Products include the 1250-S bar, 1250-Super 80 1250 EX (ATEX rated) and 1265 pointer

Faster and longer range 3024 Built in electronics – 24VDC supply.3024-F range 25-150mm.3024-L range 100-500mm

Long Range Static Eliminators For applications at distances up to 1m.Products include the Ionstorm 3850-SC, 3850HP-SC and Ionised Air Blowers

Extra Long Range Static Eliminator For applications at distances up to 1.5m.3100 Jupiter – integral power control

Dust Removal and Cleaning Removing contaminants as well as static neutralization. Products include compressed air knives, Ionised air guns, ionized air nozzles, In-line nozzles and Fan driven air knives

Power Units Supplying the high voltage which produces the ionisation in Fraser equipment. Products include 3700SC, 9055-2, HP50, EXHP5.5 and HP80

Passive Static Eliminators Efficient and cost effective solution with easy installation and low maintenance. Products include Anti-static tape, Anti-static brushes, Anti-static tinsel and Anti-static cord. Ex-rated brushes also available

Static  Generators The active power of static can be used for temporary adhesion in many applications.Products include the 7330 and 7300 V2 power supplies, Model 7080 generator bar, 7090 and 7095 point generators

Measurement Measuring where the charge is and it’s value is important when investigating static issues