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Sensemaster is an authorised distributor for Fraser Anti-Static Technologies. Static electricity affects most industries that process materials such as plastics, packaging, paper, printing, coating, optics, electronics and textiles.


Anti-Static Bars

Fraser Anti-Static AC or DC powered Static Control Bars are some of the most powerful products on the market. Designed to eliminate static electricity on machinery, webs or during finishing. ISO and EX rated, these bars deliver a versatile static elimination solution.

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Ionised Air Products

Air assisted ionisation is useful for long range Static Elimination or controlling static in an environment which requires constant air flow. Separating sheets and finishing are two areas in particular that benefit from these products.

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Static Generation and Static Measurement

In order to accurately test and measure levels of static electricity, Fraser have developed cost-effective handheld measurement solutions. The Fraser range of Static Meters are practical and affordable which makes them the ideal static measurement device.

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