Air Nozzle


The 4200 Ionised Air Nozzle System is a versatile and effective method of removing dust and static electricity.

The 4200 Ionised Air Nozzles System is used to clean and neutralise mouldings, plastic sheets, conveyors and a wide range of three-dimensional products.

  • The 4200 is very versatile. It can be made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • The quantity and position of the nozzles can be varied according to the customers requirements with just one air connection for the whole assembly.
  • The Air nozzles amplify the compressed air by a factor of up to 20:1 for very economical performance.
  • The 4200 Nozzles produce a cone of ionised air for wide area coverage.
  • Also available as Single Point 4200.
  • See also Data Sheet for 1250 Bar for details of the integrated static eliminator bar.


High-performance static eliminator suitable for neutralising the static charge and removing dust on smaller objects.

The 4200 Single Point transports ionised air at high speed towards the object. The ionisation kills the static charge allowing the dust to be blown off by the fast moving air.

  • Design optimised for maximum static neutralisation and blow-off power, with minimum air consumption and noise.
  • The air nozzle is an airflow amplifier which magnifies the compressed air by a factor of up to 20 for economical and quiet operation. Air pressure can be adjusted from 1 Bar for gentle ionised airflow to 7 Bar for removing stubborn dust. At 4 Bar pressure, the noise level is under 68dBA.
  • All critical parts are encapsulated for a long life and market-leading reliability. All parts may be replaced if damaged.
  • Compact and easy to install with standard 1/4 air connection.
  • Completely shockless in operation.

4300 in-line compressed air ioniser

The 4300 is an in-line compressed air ioniser for use where the ionisation of an existing air supply, in an ordinary compressed airline, is required.  This system can be used where compressed air is deployed to remove electrostatic contaminants or air separation systems are fitted to sheet feeding decks.

  • Ionises the air in flexible pipework with 5.5 – 6 kV of ionising power provided by a 1265 Single Point Ioniser
  • If positioned close to the discharge end, the recombination of ions will reduce and effectiveness increase
  • Easy to install – standard air fitting is for 10 mm ID flexible airpipe; alternatively, the ¼” BSP female thread could be used for the customer’s air fittings and pipework
  • Air fittings and pipework must be plastic and as large as possible to maximise life of ionised air in the pipe


The 4400 is a compact, highly efficient ionised air jet which consists of a 1260 Single Point Ionising Bar and a proprietary air nozzle, mounted in a metal block.

The 4400 Ionised Air Nozzle is ideal for cleaning and neutralising the static charge on small product. It is also used for sheet separation, where its thin but wide airstream is effective at separating sheets and neutralising the static charge in them.

  • Huge amount of ionisation produced by the 1260 Single Point Ioniser sufficient to neutralise the highest static charges.
  • Compact, high thrust air jet for powerful cleaning and removal of statically attracted dust and contaminants.
  • Safety nozzle, OSHA compliant.
  • Low noise: 14-16 dBA lower than 4mm open pipe.
  • Low Air consumption: 23 - 36% lower than a 4mm open pipe.
  • Mounting: threaded M4 through hole in middle of body.
  • All parts are repairable/replaceable.


The 4510 Ionised Air Jet produces a fast, quiet, flat jet of ionised air for efficient static neutralisation and cleaning.

4510 Ionised Air Jets are used in many applications, including long distance static neutralisation, dust removal and cleaning, sheet separation.

  • Powerful and safe ionisation to overcome the most stubborn static electricity.
  • Low noise.
  • Economical airflow entrains ambient air to produce a large volume airflow.
  • Flat concentrated airflow for intensive blow-off.
  • High thrust (airspeed x volume) for optimal cleaning.
  • Meets OSHA safety standards.
  • Easy to install stainless steel bracket.


The 4800 DC Ionised Air Nozzle sets new standards
in industrial static control technology, with powerful
performance and all the advantages of advanced
electronics integrated into the compact body. The
4800 DC is powered by 24 V DC.
The 4800 DC is the most powerful ionised air nozzle
available – in both ionisation performance and
cleaning capability.


The 4125 is our most powerful airgun for neutralising static electricity and removing dust and other contaminants.

It is available in two variants for top or bottom air feed.

    • The 4125 is suitable for the most demanding cleaning and static neutralising work.
    • The open construction of the ionisation head and the airflow amplifier nozzle give the 4125 operational efficiency, producing maximum ionisation with maximum airflow.
    • The hand trigger, in addition to being very robust and ergonomic, gives the operator excellent control of the airflow.
    • The air consumption is minimised by the air nozzle which amplifies the compressed air by 20:1.
    • Ergonomic full-hand trigger is suitable for all day use, unlike designs using one or two fingers.
    • The robust and modular design is designed for easy repair and maintenance designs using one or two fingers.


The 4825 consists of a hand trigger, air nozzle and a DC ionisation head mounted above the air nozzle.
When the trigger is pulled, air travels at high speed from the nozzle picking up the ionised air produced by the ionisation head.
The ionised air is blown at high speed towards the object. The ionisation kills the static electricity, allowing the dust to be blown off.
Both the object and the dust will be static-free so preventing re-attraction.
The 4825 requires clean and dry compressed air.


The E8001 is designed to neutralise and clean electrostatically charged surfaces and small products using compressed, balanced ionised air.

Precision point static neutralisation using 24 V DC. Applications can include ESD zones in controlled environments within telecommunications, electronics, printed circuit board, semiconductor and medical device manufacturing industries.

  • Precision point ionisation with elevated level of control.
  • Exceeds the requirements of ANSI ESD STM 3.1.
  • Typical offset voltage < +/- 20 V.
  • Interchangeable nozzles for precision, shower and flexible reach ionisation.
  • 3 kV of ionisation power.
  • Cleanroom compatible to ISO Class 4.
  • Emitter made from tungsten for best long-term performance.
  • LED operational status indication on product for ease of use.
  • Remote monitoring of operational status and cleanliness through 24 V signals.
  • Standard M8 4-pin connector.
  • Protected against under-voltage, overload and reverse polarity wiring.

The E8001 Precision Point Ioniser has been designed for use in fixed applications on manufacturing lines, equipment and tool applications in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, semiconductor and medical device manufacturing industries.

No need for an additional power supply. The E8001 comes with electronics and 3 kV High Frequency AC fully integrated.

A selection of interchangeable nozzles is available that can extend the precision spot ionisation over a wide range of distances and into many hard to access areas.


The 3024 DC Ring Ioniser is a powerful addition to the 3024 range of static eliminators and delivers static neutralisation of material flowing through conveying systems. 

It is a ring-shaped static eliminator designed for machinery manufacturers and suppliers of pneumatic conveying systems, and can also be retrofitted to existing machinery.

The 3024 DC Ring Ioniser utilises Fraser’s unrivalled 24 V DC powered electronics via a separate power pack to provide 100% ionisation coverage. It also features an air assistance capability to support the agitation of material for optimum ionisation results.

  • Fits standard 200mm Jacob tube.
  • 100% ionisation coverage.
  • Shockless, resistively-coupled stainless emitters.
  • LED status indication on power unit: Bar OK: (green), fault (red).
  • 24 V DC supply with 11kV HV via supplied power unit.
  • 90 to 250 V AC power supply option.
  • 8mm pushfit air fitting.

Producing high voltage, low current in a controlled and safe way is the primary function of each Fraser Anti static Power Unit.

Our power units allow multiple AC products to be connected, requiring only a straightforward mains input.
There are a range of power units available depending upon size, load, capacity and total number of outputs required.