Fraser NEOS and the Watlow F4T

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-Fraser NEOS Anti-static bars

-Watlow F4T Controller

-Status SEM1720

-Pepperl + Fuchs R2000

Fraser NEOS Anti-static bars

The NEOS anti-static bar automatically measures and adapts to the amount of negative and positive charge needed to maximise neutralisation. There are four models to cope with faster speeds and longer distances. The bar also provides remote and local monitoring of status and maintenance requirements.

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Reactive intelligence boosts static neutralisation power by up to 250%

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neos 12

NEOS 12 is available in 2 versions:

NEOS 12F is designed to be mounted within 100mm of the product. It is the most powerful short range static eliminator available.

NEOS 12L is a medium range static eliminator for distances up to 600mm.

neos 20


NEOS 20 is a long range static eliminator for distances between 150mm and 800mm. For longer ranges see also NEOS 30.

neos 30


NEOS 30 is a long range static eliminator for distances between 200mm and 1500mm. For shorter ranges see also NEOS 20.

Watlow F4T Multi-loop Controller

The F4T all-in-one capabilities include: integrated PID controller, data logger, limit controller, solid state relays, timers, counters, PLC math and logic, panel switches and lights.

All the functionality of multiple devices… in a single controller.

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Touch screen technology for easy use:

  • ♦ 4.3-inch colour, graphical touch panel
  • ♦ Modular and scalable controller
  • ♦ Screen personalization
  • ♦ Graphical programming PC software
  • ♦ Channels, profiles, alarms, inputs and outputs
Fast and flexible:

  • ♦ Field pluggable 1/0, scalable in increments of one
  • ♦ Programmable function blocks
  • ♦ Wide library of hardware options for flexibility
  • ♦ Support of custom firmware and modifications
Easy Connectivity and Data Mobility and File transfers:

  • ♦ Ethernet Modbus TCP and SCPI
  • ♦ USB device port
  • ♦ 231/485 Modbus RTU
Improved process Control:

  • ♦ 40 profiles up to 50 steps each, with battery backup and real time clock
  • ♦ Up to 4 PID control channels
  • ♦ Monitor up to 24 sensor inputs
  • ♦ Math and logic for total process and machine control

Status SEM1720

SEM1720 is a dual channel signal conditioner designed to accept RTD, Thermocouple or Potentiometer sensors and provide isolated, industrial process output signals in mA or Volts.

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♦ Dual channel with 5 port isolation (3.75 kV)

♦ Accepts RTD, thermocouple or potentiometer sensors

♦ Universal voltage and current outputs

♦ Maths Functions between channels

♦ Probe redundancy switching

Each output channel may be linked to either input sensor or to a maths function of both sensor signals. This powerful feature allows the device to operate in a number of different modes.
The output signal can also be adjusted over the full working ranges (0 to 20) mA or (0 to 10) V, to provide common or custom process signals, examples (4 to 20) mA, (0 to 1) mA, (1 to 5) V.

P+F R2000 Scanner

The razor-sharp, 2D scan plane enables object detection only a few millimeters above a surface. Even small protrusions or obstacles can be detected. Four configurable detection fields are quickly and easily defined with the DTM’s (Device Type Manager) intuitive field editor.

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♦ Innovative Pulse Ranging Technology

Precise and Reliable Field Monitoring

♦ Compact Housing Design (117.5mm x 116.5mm x 106mm)

♦ Scans a full 360 degrees

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