Terwin u700PT Series

Terwin u700PT Series

The model μ700PT is a high performance dual channel process indicator/alarm controller, which can
measure and display two process variables simultaneously. A typical application is to use this instrument
with a Terwin 2000 or 5000 series extrusion pressure / temperature transducer which incorporates an
integral thermocouple.
Channel 1 can be configured for process or temperature inputs and the 2nd channel for strain gauge
applications. When used with extrusion melt pressure transducers that employ 6 wire 80% negative shunt
calibration, the μ700PT provides a simple automatic self‐calibration feature for both zero and 80% of the
applicable pressure range.

The μ700PT is provided with two alarm relays as standard and these may be directed to channels 1 or 2 as
required. Both relays may be configured as ‘low’ or ‘high’ with direct or inverse action and two LED
indicators provide relay status. Additionally, delays in the relays action may be introduced (up to 20
seconds) and the relays may be latched with manual reset through the front key pads.
Optional outputs include Modbus / RTU RS‐485 serial communications and user configurable analogue
outputs of 0 – 5V, 0 – 10V, 0 – 20mA or 4 – 20mADC. Also, an optional 24VDC output is available for use with
This instrument has CE Certification for Safety, EMI Susceptibility, EMI Emissions, Harmonics and Voltage

Data Sheet

Installation & Instruction Manual

Analogue Output Manual

Modbus Set-up Guide

Melt Pressure Quick Set-up Guide

u700PT Pass Code Guide