Terwin 2000 Series

Terwin 2000 series

Environmentally Friendly" extrusion melt pressure transducer. This safe, accurate, and competitively priced transducer incorporates a unique mechanical design to overcome the problems of large zero and span shifts caused by changes in process temperatures. In the past, this has only been obtainable with transducers that utilise a liquid filled system incorporating substances such as Mercury (highly toxic) or Sodium Potassium (potentially explosive). It remains the only sensor available that is completely fill free and truly environmentally friendly, capable of coping with pressure ranges from 500 psi (35 bar) to 30,000 psi (2,000 bar) with an accuracy of ±0.5% at process temperatures of up to 450°C (842°F).

The Terwin 2000 is constructed throughout from stainless steel and does not contain any toxic products
such as mercury or sodium-potassium. This enables the use of these transducers in the production of food,
film, and pharmaceutical products.
The unique twin tube system overcomes the problems of temperature drift, which has been associated
with old force rod type transducers and the temperature characteristics are equal to or better than
transducers that employ mercury columns.
Offered in four different stem lengths in the 2000 series transducers, to suit all sizes of extruders i.e., 3.65",
6.0", 9.0" and 12.0".
The Di-Hard™ Diaphragm is both abrasion and corrosion resistant and suitable for temperatures up to
842°F/450° C. It is also at least 4 times thicker than most competitor diaphragms.
The strain gauge assembly (electrical termination head) is rated to 392°F/200°C. Most competitive
transducers have a head that is suitable for only 250°F/121°C and this is the reason why competitors
offer transducers with flexible stems, enabling the head to be mounted away from the heat. However,
flexible stems with mercury or sodium-potassium fill material are certainly not desirable and if damaged,
can render the transducer useless.
All pressure transducers are available with type 'J' I/C or type 'K' C/A thermocouples for dual pressure and
temperature measurement. Also, we can provide at no additional cost, transducers that are calibrated in
other units such as kg/cm², bar or Pascals etc.
Offered extrusion pressure ranges, from 0 - 500 psi through 0 - 30,000 psi.
The standard accuracy is within 0.5% of the full range (typically within 0.25% of full range).
The 2000 series pressure transducers are mechanically and electrically interchangeable with most other
competitive products. In most cases it is not necessary to change the cable assembly or the process
indicator/controller. If you inform us of a competitive product part number, we will be pleased to quote
for a Terwin equivalent transducer.
terwin transducers are both CE approved and calibrated to National Standards.

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