Sensemasteris an official distributor for Euchner safety products in mechanical and systems engineering. You can obtain from us a wide variety of products, from the safety switch, to safe evaluation in the control cabinet.


Safety Switches

Safety switches according to EN 1088 have the task of preventing the operation of a machine in the case of a hazard. For this purpose a safety circuit must be opened by a safety switch. All mechanical safety switches have at least one positively driven NC contact for this purpose.

Safety Systems

The safety systems also meet more complex requirements. The systems combine sensor, evaluation and safety relay in one solution. They are available with magnetic coding, transponder coding or for use with bus technology.

Safety Relays

For monitoring safety components, we can supply a wide range of safety relays.

Enabling Switches

Enabling switches are manually operated control devices. These switches are used wherever personnel must work directly in the danger area on running machines and systems (e.g. during setup).

Emergency Stop Device

Machines and systems can be stopped quickly and safely using emergency stop switches in case of danger.

Rope Pull Switches

Rope pull switches are also emergency stop devices. Unlike emergency stop switches, they are used whenever it is necessary to protect large danger areas.

The trip range is much larger than for emergency stop switches, since operation is possible over the whole rope length and not just the small area within reach of the switch.


Bolts are the ideal addition to our safety switches. They are used as a mechanical end stop for the door and as a guide for the actuator. They reduce the load on your safety switch.