Datasensor-Datasensor  Datasensor are a leading manufacturer of photoelectric sensors for detection and measurement as well as Inductive sensors, Safety light curtains, Vision sensors and temperature controllers. They also supply the Datalogic range of barcode readers and the Infra building automation product line.


Photoelectric Sensors

  • Complete range of universal and application sensors: Universal photoelectric sensors: proximity, background suppression, polarised retroreflex, through beam and Laser Application photoelectric sensors: slot, contrast, colour, luminescence Reflectors, optic fibres, connectors and accessories.

Safety Light Curtains

  • Type 2 and 4 photoelectric safety light curtains with base and advanced functions (EDM, Blanking, Anti-interference, Cascade and Muting).
  • Sensors, control units and safety relays.
  • Accessories.

Vision & Measurement Sensors

  • Distance, dimensional and position sensors.
  • AREAscanTM (multibeam light curtains).
  • Vision sensors for inspection and identification.

Datalogic Barcode Readers & RFID

  • Fixed Position and Hand Held barcode readers for industrial automation applications.
  • Linear and 2D reading options.
  • Complete range of accessories.
  • RFID Controllers, Antennas & Tags
  • Expert technical support.