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Tracker Products

Tracker 211

A Low Cost Universal Input Panel Meter for Temperature and Process Measurement

The Tracker 211 digital panel meter for low cost “no frills” applications, but in demanding industrial environments. You can use the panel mounted Tracker 211 meter for measurement and display only applications or as an alarm trip and with the analogue output option, it can also act as a transmitter. An alarm relay is fitted as standard with a further 2 available as options.


Tracker 212

A low cost 5-Digit, universal process and temperature indicator with linearisation features for 4-20mA tank contents signals.

The Tracker 212 is a budget panel meter that supports the features and performance usually found in more expensive products. Being quick and easy to configure, with a 5 digit display and 24 point user linearization, the Tracker 212 is well suited to tank contents, process and temperature measurement applications.


Tracker 220

A range of high accuracy universal input digital panel meters for temperature and process measurement.




Tracker 321

In its basic form the Tracker 321 is a data acquisition “front end” with a universal input, sensor / loop excitation outputs and serial RS485 interface. The measured value, after scaling to engineering units, linearisation (e.g. for thermocouple measurement) and any other mathematical functions required, is available via the electrically isolated serial interface.


Available as 110/230VAC powered or 24VDC / AC powered modules.

• The high-resolution (24 bit) universal input for Thermocouples (14 ranges), RTD sensors (4 ranges), 20mA, ±10VDC, ±100mV and resistance measurement

• 18 point user-linearisation (e.g. for tank volume applications)

• Current limited 10V and 24VDC sensor / loop excitation supply outputs

• Modbus RTU compatible isolated RS485 interface for configuration and real time data

• Modbus floating point and a simple ASCII based protocols available with auto detection

• Up to 128 devices on a single RS485 network without the need for repeaters

• Block read/write features for fast data transfer

• Standard Mini-B 5-pin USB configuration, the only connection needed for configuration

• Simultaneous use of Serial Interface and USB ports