Inductive Sensors

For controlling, positioning and monitoring processes in automation technology. Rugged sensors for object detection in metalworking

–Non-contacting, wear-free, contamination resistant, short circuit protected
– Available starting at 3mm Ø to 80x80mm block-style

Photoelectric Sensors

For checking presence, shape, colour, distance and thickness – optimised for robotics, automation, assembly and handling

Excellent specialists with different strengths:

Part detection and counting, stack height monitoring, through-glass sensing, small parts orientation, marking detection, level detection, and much more

Capacitive Sensors

For detecting
– Objects made of virtually any material, even non-conducting
– Liquids, granulates and powders directly or through a container wall

Non-contacting, wear-free, non-mutually interfering, bounce-free output signal


Comprehensive line for every area of automation.

With connecting elements, preassembled, unassembled and bus connectors as well as bus accessories.

– Drag chain compatible
– Halogen-free
– High temperature rated

Splitter Boxes

Passive actuator-sensor boxes: for organised and decentralised wiring of peripherals


Light plastic boxes for tight mounting spaces or on moved parts, e.g. packaging machines or automated assembly and handling equipment

Fully potted metal splitter boxes for maximum protection and high function security in harsh environments, e.g. machine tools, automobile industry, forming equipment, foundries