SG4-30 EXTENDED light curtain

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♦ End to End optics for CAT 4 light curtain

♦ Anti-static control at 500mm – 24VDC supply

♦ Multifunction gate lock with integrated handle

♦ 1 to 152 loop temperature control system

♦ Static generation for temporary adhesion

♦ Detection of clear materials with a diffuse sensor

♦ Oil contamination sensor for drainage systems

SG4  – Increased heights in safety

The  NEW SG4-30 EXTENDED has optics from the very top to the very bottom of the light curtain, maximising coverage to the full.  Height options available from 300mm to 1800mm, with 30mm or 14mm resolution.

The SG4-30 EXTENDED has a range of up to 20m with integrated cascade, muting and blanking.  All functions can be configured using push buttons on the transmitter and receiver.  If you prefer, you can configure and save these options using your PC via a GUI interface and Ethernet cable. With a CAT 4 rating and 3-year warranty, the SG4-30 extended will take your safety to new heights.


Anti-static at 500mm range — 24VDC Integral Control

The 3024 Static Eliminator bar has built-in electronics and is powered by 24VDC.

– No additional controller required!! The 3024 is available in two versions;

Model 3024-F (Fast) for short range static neutralisation (25-100mm)

Model 3024-L (Long) for neutralisation at distances between 100-500mm.

This NEW design neutralises both negative and positive charges. Connection to the bar is via a traditional M8 4 pin connector, typically used by our existing customers for inductive and optical sensors. The compact 22mm x 40mm housing is available in a variety of lengths from 250mm to 1800mm (this also includes the effective length).


Multifunctional Gate Box is an all-in-one

The EUCHNER’s MGB (Multifunctional Gate Box) is a unique interlocking or guard locking system for the protection of safety doors on machines and systems.  The MGB offers that little bit more: it is more than a safety switch, more than a bolt, and offers a lot more functionality.  It is a system that can grow with your needs. The basic system includes the handle with multifunction interlocking/locking system.  The MGB has the potential for a full host of functions including interlocking, guard locking, escape release or buttons for start/stop, emergency stop, etc.  The MGB meets all your requirements for safety-related applications.  Due to the sophisticated modular design, the interlocking/locking module can quickly become a small operator panel. The device has the option of an escape release handle for the inside of the gate (just in case you get locked in!!), and a lockout mechanism to disable the door switch and allow safe maintenance of the machine.

Euchner Multi


EZ-ZONE RM Multi-loop controller

Watlow’s DIN rail mounted EZ-ZONE RM integrates temperature, process, limit and power control from 1 to 152 loops. The EZ-ZONE RM controller family simplifies thermal system management.

Datalogging, programmable maths and multiple communication protocol output functions are all available.  The RM shares the same common interface and menu structures as the Watlow PM and ST range.  The system also has the ability to reduce troubleshooting time and downtime costs by specifically identifying to the operator if there are any problems with the heater load, sensor, controller or SSR.

The modular design reduces wiring and termination time and compatibility issues associated with integrating traditional multiple discrete products.  The EZ-ZONE RM provides the ultimate integrated control solution.


 Full static generation control with the FRASER 7360

We know that our customers are generally trying to eliminate static electricity!!, but static electricity can also be used for particle removal, laminating, pinning and temporary adhesion of materials without the use of glue.

Static electricity can used to remove airborne particles in smoke stacks by charging the smoke particles and subsequently attracting them to an electrode plate.  Static electricity can also be used to adhere two films together evenly when laminating.

Pinning plastic films in place can be achieved without using glue by charging the material.  This method can be used to pin the end of a film onto a core on winders and re-winders, or pinning material evenly on a roller to prevent lateral movement. ‘In-mould-labelling’ has become more popular over the last few years, thanks to static generation.  Labels can be temporarily held in position inside the mould, allowing the label to be formed as an integral part of the final design.

 Fraser 7360

NEW Clearly Shiny S8

Sensemaster can now offer a solution to one of the most critical applications in the packaging industry: the detection of shiny or transparent objects using a diffuse sensor.

Current application solutions involve the installation of a polarised retroreflex sensor in combination with reflector or alternatively an ultrasonic sensor.  With patented breakthrough technology, the new S8 Shiny sensor can now detect shiny and transparent objects using laser based background suppression technology without the need for a reflector.  Glass and plastic items such as bottles, packaging films etc, can be easily and immediately detected with this easy-to-use and easy-to-install sensor.

datalogic S8

Oil contamination in water drainage systems by SMS

Legislation is tightening up on oil contamination of water drainage systems. Keeping an eye on contamination of drainage systems has previously been a difficult issue to monitor.  Sensemaster can now supply sensors to detect this, and even send you a text should contamination occur.

P+F Oil

 P+F Oil2 The system is suitable for detecting contamination from hydrocarbons that float on water such as diesel, petrol and engine oil.  Obviously, based on the media, the sensors are suitable for use in EX-rated environments