Microwave Level with display for smaller vessels

https://www.sensemaster.co.uk/newsletters/microwave-level-with-display-for-smaller-vessels/♦ EGE Microwave Level with display for smaller vessels

♦ SICK Flexi Loop Nodes

♦ WATLOW PM Express now available in 1/4 and 1/8th format

♦ FRASER 3024 with over 25% more power


EGE Microwave Level with display for smaller tanks


♦ Suitable for liquids and solids♦ 2 PNP or 4-20mA output

♦ Integral LCD display

♦ Accuracy ±5mm

♦ No moving parts


The MFP sensor from EGE accurately detects fill levels of a wide range of media, including oil, water, emulsions and bulk solids such as cereals or soy flour. Based on the guided pulse radar principle, they operate reliably regardless of foaming, medium density, temperature and pressure. Available with a single probe, parallel probes or a coaxial probe, the systems can be optimally adapted to the requirements of liquid and solid media. In addition to excellent vibration resistance, MFP sensors with a coaxial probe provide reliable, exact measurements of liquids in very narrow containers. They are available with two PNP switching outputs or with an analog 4-20 mA current output. The sensors have a ¾” BSP process connection and are fitted into containers from above. Standard sensor lengths are available at 300mm, 500mm and 800mm long, but more specific lengths are available upon request. The sensor housing rotates by 360° and includes an LC display with a control panel for easy sensor adjustment. Additionally, a model without a display is available for cost-sensitive applications. The sensor principle is based on a radar pulse being emitted and reflected, upon contact with the medium surface. The resulting “echo” is analyzed to measure the fill level. This provides excellent reliability and a ±5mm measuring accuracy for all media. Suitable for applications with limited installation space, the IP67 sensors are designed for media temperatures between 0 and +80°C.

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SICK Flexi Loop Nodes

♦ Ability to cascade 32 sensors with up to 30m per segment in compliance with performance level PLe

♦ Compatible with all sensors from other manufacturers

♦ Transfer of detailed diagnostic information

♦ Integrated standard inputs and outputs

♦ Connection of the sensors via unscreened standard     cable with M12 plug

♦ IP67 enclosure rating

The Flexi Loop system allows you to cascade mechanical safety switches and electronic safety sensors with OSSD outputs. By using Flexi Loop you can minimize the wiring effort and the inputs of the safety controller, saving time and money. The system can be used just as easily for new applications or retrofitting of existing machines. The Flexi Loop nodes monitor up to 32 individual sensors, potentially over long distances, to increase application flexibility. The Flexi Soft software system provides integration and communication with detailed diagnostic information. This makes this product ideal for machines with a high number of doors, emergency stop buttons, tactile and electro-sensitive protective devices. Further Details:flexi thumbnail



WATLOW PM Express now available in 1/4 and 1/8th DIN format



♦ PID temperature control with basic programming♦ Now available in 1/8th DIN Horizontal and Vertical format

♦ Now available in 1/4 DIN format

♦ Switched output for SSR or mechanical relay options

♦ High and Low Limit functions

♦ Universal Input



The EZ-ZONE PM EXPRESS panel mount controller was previously only available in 1/16th and 1/32nd DIN formats. The PM EXPRESS is now available in 1/8th DIN vertical, 1/8th DIN horizontal and 1/4 DIN formats. All controllers will accept a universal input and have the option of 2 outputs, including switched outputs for SSR or mechanical relays. They can be ordered as a PID process controller or as a dedicated over/under temperature limit controller. This industry-leading PID controller allows optimal performance utilizing simple control and menu functionality without complex features. It is ideal for basic applications supported by a streamlined list of parameters. PID and auto-tune are still part of the package, along with standard bus communications. The bus communications allows easy product configuration via PC, using free downloadable software.

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FRASER 3024 with over 25% more power

fraser 25

♦ Performance increase of 25%♦ Built-in electronics – powered by 24VDC

♦ Model 3024-F (Fast) for short range static neutralisation at distances between 25-100mm

♦ Model 3024-L (Long) for neutralisation at distances between 100-500mm

♦ M8 connector – no additional controller required



The original FRASER 3024 bar has been boosted from the original 9kV to between 10 and 11kV, increasing the performance by over 25%. The Model 3024-F is suitable for short range static neutralisation of 25-100mm and the Model 3024-L is suitable for neutralisation at distances of between 100-500mm. This NEW design neutralises both negative and positive charges. Connection to the bar is via a traditional M8 4 pin connector, typically used by our existing customers for inductive and optical sensors. The compact 22mm x 40mm housing is available in a variety of lengths from 250mm to 1800mm (this also includes the effective length). Further Details:3024 thumb